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Injection Molding/Secondary Processing

We satisfy customer’s needs with flexible mind-set and experienced technologies.
We introduce some of technologies offering to customers.

Weldless Molding (Heat & Cool Molding Method)

Weldless molding is a molding technique heating and cooling the mold temperature rapidly.
By heating the mold to high temperature and filling the material, it is possible to enhance the fluidity of the material in the mold. Then, by cooling the mold temperature rapidly, it is possible to prevent weld line, warpage and sinking.
Furthermore, it is possible to shorten the cycle time and reduce defects as well.

Gas Assisted Injection Molded(AGI)

example: projector

Gas assisted injection molded is a molding technique injecting gas into the material like a balloon after injecting the melted material. It is possible to prevent sinking and warpage. Freedom degree of design is improved by making un-uniform thickness and the wall thickness design possible.

Resin Injection→Insufflation→Mold Opening

Gas Press Injection Molded(GPI)

example:Panel for dishwasher

Gas press injection molded is a molding technique injecting gas from the mold core.
Transferability of the cavity side is improved and sinking and warpage is also improved.

Resin Injection→Insufflation→Mold Opening

CAE Flow Analysis (Mold Flow)

Analysis case of microscopic precise molded part.

Using CAE to simulate the form and thickness of products that we design with 3D, we pursue manufacturing that meets customer needs. Such needs include optimization of equipment, advanced analysis of injection molding conditions, determining tooling needs before products are produced, design optimization for cooling, and many others.

Secondary Processing Facilities

  • ・Spindle plating machine
  • ・Rotary plating machine
  • ・Robot plating machine
  • ・Silk screen printing
  • ・Tampo printing
  • ・Hot stamping machine

The above secondary processing facilities are equipped.
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