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Plastic Mold

Mold for Automotive Electrical Equipment for Production Processes

Tooling Design

Using 3D-CAD, we analyze the product form and design tooling that is best suited for injection molding.

Study of processing (how to process)

We consider lead time and the product itself, and then decide the production process. Finally, we distribute the processing work to each department involved. 

  • Machining Center (MC)

    Using the data designed with 3D, we create the processing data, and strive to shorten lead time with direct carve processing.

  • Wire-cutting

    We perform processing with precision of 1 mm for holes, draft cavity inserts and piece outlines.

  • Milling Cutter

    After MC processing, wire-cutting, we perform tapping to quench the material.

  • EDM

    We use EDM when parts need to be made that can’t be made with cutting machines and precision tooling of firm steel materials.


We polish precisely for mirror block of insert cavities, and mold release.


After final checking of the product form and adherence to the customer’s specifications, we create a prototype tooling.