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Integrated Production

Making the customer's ideal real

Depending on your needs, we can fill your order for any processing.

01:offer,02:Prototype,03:Drawing and Making the Tooling,04:Injection Molding,05:Secondary Processing and Assembly

Process can be separated like a plastic model

You can request only necessary parts such as only mold building,
only painting and only molding.


Offer industrial design

In response to the customer’s request, we propose the appropriate product shape and specification. As a customer's partner, we propose from all angles in order to realize the required product shape.



Using methods of general processing, rapid prototyping, laminating and casting, we create a prototype and then conduct an evaluation. From the evaluation results, we decide the final product form, specifications, and materials. We can make molds for highly mass production with experimental production.


Making the Plastic Mold

We make high-quality molds for mass production in the company, not to mention Moldflow Analysis. We do maintenance in the company, so we can take a prompt action in emergencies.


Injection Molding

We have several divisions in Japan; therefore, we can produce efficiently at a location that works best for you. We have a wide range of injection molding machines: from 25 tons to 2500 tons.


Secondary Processing and Assembly

In each division, we employ secondary processing: painting, plating, and surface printing (top). We achieve optimized manufacturing QC, reduced transport costs, and shortened lead times.