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Products of DAIMEI

We introduce some of the plastic molds and plastic molded products we have produced so far.


Injection Molded Products

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics
  • Bezel of TV

    Weld line can be eliminated by using Heat & Cool molding method. Product appearance has been greatly enhanced.

  • Back cover of TV

    Large size and complicated shape product.

  • Exterior case of projector

    We have succeeded in paintless molding of appearance parts with our know-how.

  • Equipment case for

    With molding, painting, printing and consistent system within the company, we realize higher quality manufacturing.

  • SmartMeter

    Utilize Daimei's expertise on plate-like products, achieving highly accurate dimensional accuracy.



Tooling for Plastics

Light Guide Plate

A light guide plate is a transparent plate that directs light to liquid crystal cells in LCDs. On the surface of this product are minute patterns that need to be reprinted precisely. Therefore, we use ZEONOR as the material and injection mold with high injection pressure, and mold temperature of 140°C. To control hazardous burrs on products, the clearance between parts at assembly must be adjusted to less than 5 µm. Shapes with curves must also be adjusted with a clearance less than 5 µm. This means highly precise processing techniques are required.

Junction Block

Tooling for Junction Blocks consists of more than 200 small precise parts, with many such minute parts inserted throughout the Block. A very high level fitting tolerance is required, which creates a very high level of accuracy for each part.

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